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“I want to share the things that have been most beneficial for me as a survivor, not an expert.” – Nate Postlethwait


In today’s episode of The Terri Cole Show, you are in for a treat. I am interviewing a new pal, his name is Nate Postlethwait, but you may know him as @nate_postlethwait on Instagram. 

His platform is inspiring and welcoming to so many people who are healing from inner child trauma, and his content quickly began to capture my attention for this exact reason. I am beyond thrilled to welcome him to the show, and share with you a little bit about his life’s journey.

Nate is a writer, survivor, and inner child work advocate. His work is centered around speaking about inner child and trauma work through the lens of a survivor. His life story is inspiring, not only with all the things he’s overcome but how he has turned that pain and anger into a community that he is building for others so they too can heal and deal with their own inner childhood trauma. 

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!


  • 02:53 Exploring Nate’s personal journey with trauma + its impact
  • 12:35 Nate’s exposure to inner + trauma work
  • 15:19 What inspired Nate to take on his life journey
  • 17:53 Nate’s impact on social media
  • 20:43 How you can get involved with Nate’s work
  • 24:16 Nate’s struggle with over-extending himself

Connect with Nate Postlethwait:

Nate Postlethwait walked away from his 13-year career in 2018 to take a break and reset. A couple of years prior he had two big life-changing events. In 2016 he came out as gay after many years of conversion therapy and the next year he turned 40. Both collided and launched the internal courage to make some changes in order to rebuild a life with more pleasure. Shortly after he decided to make these changes, he left the US and traveled all over the world exploring the beauty of Europe, Asia, and Africa as well as much long overdue internal exploration. Nate grew up experiencing childhood abuse around five years old. He often explains that one of the greatest aches in inner child work is realizing everyone else was intentional in how they taught you about being abused being your fault. He began therapy at 18 years old and has been a life learner of all things trauma recovery. He began sharing his story on social media and that community quickly grew to over 100k people. His long-term goals are to aid in making trauma-informed therapy accessible for those who cannot afford it. In the meantime, he is a writer, a coach and leads others in finding a connection with their inner child.

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