Have you done an Integrity Check lately? When you find yourself in conflict, do you lower your level of integrity simply because someone else has? Who determines how you behave?

When I was a talent agent in the world of modeling, I was dismayed by the lack of integrity I witnessed. In the beginning, I thought I could change the system. In the end, I did not and I could not. I wound up leaving the industry because I felt like being a part of it, even though I complained about what I believed was wrong, bad, and unfair, lowered my level of integrity. I had to listen to MY truth, and, ultimately, speak and take action by resigning, going back to school, and making a major career change, all of which led me to living my truth and acting in line my integrity.

I want to ask you to get honest about your level of integrity. On a scale of 1 to 10, where does it sit? Are you quick to stoop to someone else’s level thereby lowering your standards of excellence and being untrue to yourself? When you are faced with challenging situations, I invite you to think of creative ways to maintain or elevate your level of authenticity and consciousness. Really, when you think about it, what else do you have besides your integrity?

This can be a painful process. Honest reflection calls on you to dig deep and get real about your behavior. Acting and speaking in certain ways can either elevate or lower the integrity of a situation. Your behavioral choices are a declaration of who you are and dictate how others respond to you. Other people do not have the power to determine which path you choose. In life and business, consciously making decisions that are aligned with the deep-seeded truth by which you seek to live your life leads to the high road. Take it every time, all the time, and you will be living in your integrity.

I hope this week you can hone in on revealing your truth and rocking your highest level of integrity!

Love love love


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  1. Thank you for this post, Terri! I feel the same about my job (i work for a fashion company)… I do not relate at all with its “logic”, and total lack of integrity… For the moment, i try to deal with it and keep my integrity by acting according to my principles and surrounding myself with likeminded colleagues….
    Have a wonderful week!!!

    1. Clara-
      Thank you for your comment! Keep fighting the good fight by taking the high road ever time and all the time-it adds value to all of us 😉
      love love love

  2. Thank you for posting this Terri! Integrity has been on my brain lately, working on mine, and wishing sometimes the world had more. Thank you for encouraging us to dig into those icky parts of our personality so we can clean them out & learn to really grow & shine!

    1. Jo Beth-
      You are so wlecome 😉 Thank you for being willing to take a look at the ick and change it-takes courage. I am so glad you are here.
      love love love

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