For much of last year I struggled with insomnia. I had half heartedly tried a myriad of natural remedies with half hearted results. My husband,Vic had some thoughts and ideas about how getting off my computer a few hours before bed might help but I ignored him. It was as if the illusion of doing something was keeping me busy saying I was ‘working’ on it but I didn’t actually commit to any one modality long enough to know if it would cure my sleeplessness. Then I was lucky enough to attend a delicious week long retreat aptly titled, Get Back to Bliss, in Costa Rica lead by my pal and divinely inspired teacher, Dr. Deb Kern. The first thing Dr. Deb helped us do was identify our ‘energy leaks.’ There was no way for me to deny that late night, mindless Netflix binging on spy shows from the 90’s (Alias, anyone?) was a major energy leak. So for a full week I was off the computer all together and guess what? I slept seven to ten hours a night. The act of choosing one focussed action to stay committed to cured my insomnia. When I returned to real life, I chose 9pm or earlier as the unplug time and I am still sleeping just fine.

Can you identify one behavior or circumstance, that you would give anything to be free from? That one thorn in your side that keeps you up at night (pun intended 😉 or haunts your thoughts throughout the day. Perhaps it’s been on your to-do list for months now or maybe it’s been a goal of yours or an issue you’ve been facing for years. Regardless of how long something has been on your radar, almost everyone has at least one thing in their life that they wish were different.

However, as much you may want something to change, like me and my sleep issue, many of you aren’t effectively doing anything to make it happen. In fact, it is easy to convince yourself that not dealing with an issue is less work than actually taking steps towards a solution. Which of course isn’t true. Fear of not knowing exactly what to do is one reason many of you may not be working towards solving a personal problem or taking steps towards a desired goal.

Others ignore their needs and desires to avoid a sense of overwhelm. When contemplating how to solve a chronic problem many of my clients become paralyzed with the sheer amount of action choices and expert’s claiming to know the only right way to fix it. In my case, I tried acupuncture, Chinese herbs, bio feedback and a few other things but committed to none of them therefore none of them worked. Unconsciously I knew that numbing out to bad TV was a form of escape and not helping my insomnia, but it wasn’t until I committed to a course of action that I was motivated to alter my behavior and solve the problem.

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To not overwhelm yourself I suggest that you stay focused on one course of action as your solution. This requires commitment, discipline and mindfulness. It may be a new way of approaching a problem and it worked for me, so what do you have to lose?

So now I want to hear from you. What is one simple thing you can commit to this week to work towards resolving an issue you’ve been facing? I know you can do it!

Have a great week and as always, take care of you.

Love Love Love




*image courtesy of Nicole Pierce

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  1. One word. Sugar. I know from experience that it has a huge effect on my moods and my body and yet I continue to eat it in unhealthy amounts. It’s almost a kind of self harm, continuing to do something I know only brings me momentary pleasure. So, I will write down how I am feeling physically and mentally tonight and then stay off sugar for 7 days, tracking my progress. This is a life long habit that I am trying to break, so I’m aiming for a week to break me in.

  2. Terri, as usual, you’re are talking to me! ONE thing. Wow. Why haven’t I ever thought of that instead of my taxing and overwhelming list of things???

    We (Scott and I) met you the week after Christmas in Dallas! I want you to know, we still talk about that night and letting go of all the crap! 😉 While I have been a fan for years, Scott is now too! Also, from that night, I have made a new like-minded friend who means the world to me, she is like a sister from another mother – Donette. You continue to change and rock our world!

    Thank you for being YOU!

  3. Wonderful blog! (You sucked me in with the title of staying “single!”)

    FYI: It looks like your editor didn’t enter the link here, “Then I was lucky enough to attend a delicious week long retreat aptly titled, Get Back to Bliss, in Costa Rica lead by my pal and divinely inspired teacher, Dr. Deb Kern (LINK TO DEB).”

    My issue is related to your insomnia in behavior at least: I need to spend less time online and more time in the real world to open up my social life.

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