Do you rush all the time? From place to place, every day of the week?

Do you give yourself enough time to get to where you are going, in a balanced mindful way? In the morning, do you have time to meditate, journal, eat something healthy, or exercise? Do you have a morning ritual that can calibrate your day to be balanced and peaceful, even if the day ahead is full?

If you are running around like a maniac, let’s talk about the cost of this lifestyle choice.

The first thing that goes is present moment consciousness. If you are always rushing, you end up future tripping, focused on what is next and missing what is NOW. Without the conscious intention to be in the now, you might be missing much of your life, which exists in this present moment.

Second, rushing creates constriction. What happens to your life, body, and mind when you are constricted or time stressed? When you are constricted, you block the flow of abundance, attracting more relationships and experiences that create the same feeling.

Take some time this week to get honest about your relationship to time and also to consider how your time management, or lack thereof, might be affecting your relationships. Always feeling short on time can lead to chronic lateness, which never leads to anything good. If you are not sure how your relationship to time is impacting your important relationships, ask your nearest and dearest and then listen with an open heart.

These are all points to ponder about time. Do you have an issue with time, feeling like the clock works against you? Have you successfully overcome a dysfunctional time relationship? Either way, I would love to hear all about it, so please drop a comment and start a dialogue.

I hope you have a slowed down week and, as always, take care of you.

Love Love Love


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  1. oh yes. this is me. I rush, and I never seem to have enough time, and I am so fearful of others reactions… and it hurts my relationships, not least of all with my sweet little son.

    so how to start?

    1. Sara-
      You just did start! Awareness is step one. Step two commit to starting your day expanded instead of constricted by rushing. I meditate but you may want to journal or sit with a cup of tea for 15 minutes until your son gets up. No more rushing!
      love love love

  2. I DO RUSH all the time, if I get one more speeding ticket, I will probably lose my license! Thank you for this great advice and information this morning. Lynn

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