I’ve always been interested in how ethnicity impacts the way people are in the world. I’ve observed clients and friends from strict cultures with very defined family roles, especially for women, struggle with integrating the traditional and modern parts of themselves.Vasavi Kumar on on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

With this in mind, in today’s episode I’m diving into managing parental approval, and how to balance individual identity with family (aka tribe) identity. Today’s guest, Vasavi Kumar is a kick-in-your-pants life coach, with a solid media presence and a robust, in-your-face brand. She and I would see each other occasionally at events and connect over what was happening in the world of coaching, and then last year she just disappeared. Today, she and I are talking about what happened in her life that inspired her to shut down her business and take a break from it all.

It came down to not offending her parents, her culture, and her family or not abandoning herself. I think you’ll find her story compelling and maybe even learn a thing or two about how to make difficult decisions that are aligned with your soul.

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“Eventually I think the needing to keep up and the needing to fit in prevailed over taking that time to go inwards and asking myself who am I?” – Vasavi Kumar

Show Notes:

  • Why Vasavi took a break from her life
  • The influence of Indian culture on Vasavi’s life
  • Why you can’t act from fear
  • Why you have to get rid of whatever doesn’t make you feel good
  • How to find comfort within yourself

“If I am meant to be relevant, I will be relevant. If I am meant to help people, I will do that. I am not someone to be forgotten, but most importantly I didn’t want to forget myself.” – Vasavi Kumar


  • Why you have to find out what you’re made of
  • How Vasavi’s family dealt with her divorce
  • Why women need to be independent from their parents
  • How Vasavi communicates with a higher power
  • Why you have to put yourself first

“The only obligation I have is to myself.” – Vasavi Kumar


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“I’ve been able to identify the difference between my ego and my higher self.” – Vasavi Kumar











*Featured image courtesy of Kacper Gunia

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