Trauma + Boundaries on The Terri Cole Show

Trauma + Boundaries on The Terri Cole ShowIt is difficult to draw boundaries if you grew up in a chaotic or abusive family.

If you’re wondering if this is you, I’ve created a full list of signs and symptoms that will be in your guide. It’s important to be aware of the different forms of trauma that can present themselves in your life.

In this week’s episode, I am going to help you understand the importance of creating boundaries with high and low priority people in your life, the importance of understanding the impact of your past experiences in your life, how to build a strategy to build your boundaries, and much more.

I hope you learn something that lessens your suffering and increases your joy and empowerment in life.


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“You have a right to have high priority people and low priority people in your life, because not all people can be high priority.” –  Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • How difficult is to you to build boundaries with people in your life
  • How my childhood experiences are affecting my adult life
  • The importance of understanding the signs of trauma
  • How to build your boundary muscle
  • What part of your past experience have you not dealt with
  • What a please response is

“If you have too much focus on other people, you have no idea who you are.” –  Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“Personal boundaries are basically knowing where you end and the people in your life, or the next person begins.” –  Terri Cole

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  1. Keep on walking definitely something to do with a childhood boundary came up for me like when I was telling my parents off for doing something

    how timely just this afternoon I had to spend the whole afternoon dealing with someone who got the rent statement wrong and started speaking down to me saying my language is threatening and abusive for pointing that out to them and also bringing in that actually I had written to someone about someones anti-social behaviour and for them to deal with that and this other person quoted about it and yet I had requested to remain private and anonymous.

    How can you keep on walking or not get into it when when they’re accusing you of either not paying your rent or making a complaint when you’re not making a complaint and you are paying your rent I even went so far as to check with my bank that I had made all the payments just to hear the bank of ficial say you made that payment on that date that payment on that date etc

    1. I hear you. Part of this is knowing yourself so you know what causes your reactions. And you have a right to your boundaries, like asking someone to speak to you respectfully or to check the accuracy of their information before making accusations. Take care of you. And I am sending you strength and compassion.

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