Are you a gossip? Do you talk negatively about others? If so, have you stopped to ask yourself why? Maybe you do it to elevate yourself or to fit in with a particular group?

I want you to become very aware of how you speak about other people. Catch yourself when you are gossiping, ask why, and stop the negative talk. This requires you to be very present in your actions.

Take a moment to think about the nature of gossip. Obviously it is negative, but also it is super judgmental and actually very damaging. When you are the target of gossip, it feels terrible. Since what you send into the universe is what you receive, do you really want to draw negativity and judgment?

If you have something to say about someone, have the courage to have the conversation with that person.

I would love for you to share how you stopped the gossip habit and how it has changed your life experience, or maybe you are struggling and continue to catch yourself gossiping, but after the words have already been said. Remember your insight can heal another so please be generous!

I hope you have a positive-speak week.

Love Love Love


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  1. Just as an aside or PS – I have lost two friends because I just couldn’t be a part of their drama always gossiping about the world. While that doesn’t feel good, toxic is toxic. I actually tried to get the second one to see things differently and made sure she understood that the way we choose to react to people or a circumstance is something that comes back to us. If it is negative, we can bank on a negative experience all the way around. She called me condescending and deleted me as a friend on FB. This all sound like gossip, doesn’t it, but I did confront her to her face, and it ended with us no longer as friends. It was a risk I was willing to take, though. I have enough stress in my life.

  2. I have caught myself in a cycle of negative “venting” about horrible conditions at work. In that, I will attempt to voice my concerns about how negative can perpetuate negative and that it should be stopped. Only to be met with “but sometimes we have to vent.” Then I find myself falling into the trap of listening to negative discussion only to participate in it myself. I HATE THAT ABOUT MYSELF!! Lately, it has been good, because I changed jobs, and when a topic comes up that sounds like it might go down the negative path, I change the subject. That does feel good.

  3. Most days, I can resist the temptation to gossip, however, there is one special friend with whom I listen to and share gossip. We say “it’s just between us.” In light of your comment about the negativity returning back to us, I believe we should rethink our private comments. We are both of the “Unity” way of thinking, so I can hardly believe we “forget” the law of attraction for even a minute. I will certainly be more vigilant from now on

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