Stop Procrastinating + Get Sh*t Done! on The Terri Cole ShowContrary to popular belief, just because you procrastinate does NOT mean that you are lazy.

Today, I debunk some popular “procrastination myths”. Then I touch on what procrastination really is, how to be aware of your procrastination pattern, and most importantly, tips and tricks on how to STOP procrastinating!

I hope that this episode helps you spend more energy on getting things done rather than avoiding tasks that need to get done in your life.

Enjoy the show!


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“Someone is procrastinating not because they don’t care. But a lot of times (especially in reference to the perfectionists), it is because we care way too much.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What is procrastination
  • Why procrastinate
  • How to stop procrastinating
  • What disorders create debilitating procrastination
  • What do you procrastinate
  • The best apps for stopping procrastination

“You can’t just start piling things on your plate and think that suddenly you’ll get more hours in the day, because you don’t.” – Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“Yes it requires a certain amount of effort, but at least it is effort going towards something rather than effort avoiding something.” – Terri Cole

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