3 Ways to Strengthen Your Emotional Safety + Security on The Terri Cole Show

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Emotional Safety + Security on The Terri Cole Show

How can we create more emotional safety and security in our relationships?

2020 was such an unprecedented year: between the pandemic lockdowns, social unrest, and political turmoil – we experienced a lot. However, we can build our emotional safety so that we’re resilient.

The first step to building emotional safety and security is to recognize that an emotionally safe relationship is where you can safely express yourself authentically and fully. Sounds simple – but how many of those relationships do you actually have in your life?

In today’s podcast, I talk about how you can express yourself effectively, how to be aware of your own (and others’) defensiveness, and the importance of validation. I share my thoughts on how you can consume media in a way that does not annihilate your central nerve system. I also help you move out of the “it’s you against me” mindset, and into the “it’s us against the problem” mindset.

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“There’s nothing that stunts growth more than fear.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • The harm of ineffective dysfunctional communication
  • How to safely and authentically express yourself
  • What creates an unsafe environment
  • How safe are your relationships?
  • The problems with defensiveness
  • The importance of validation
  • How to stay connected to your partner even during conflict

“If you are perpetually in a state of emotional un-safety, taking risks is scary.” – Terri Cole

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“You can be angry and not hateful.” – Terri Cole

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