How to Avoid Seasonal Blues This Year on The Terri Cole Show

How to Avoid Seasonal Blues This Year on The Terri Cole ShowDoes the colder weather and the shorter days sparkle a sort of seasonal depression on you? If your answer is yes – this show is for you. If you’re not sure, I’m providing a list for you so you can identify if you are suffering from a physiological biological experience and if you need to see a doctor.

It is called by several names like Winter onset, Seasonal Affective Disorders, also known as SAD is that kind of anxiety, feeling hopelessness, social withdraw and that kind of energy loss that comes with the cold season.

On today‚Äôs show, I talk about the symptoms of seasonal depression as well as give you good tips on how to avoid it. I talk about how you can stay inspired, why to keep exercising even during the cold season, the importance of meditation and guided meditation to remind you of your good summer experiences, and all the free videos and app that can help you with that – and most important of all…the importance of being proactive.

There is so much power in changing your mindset, and I want to help you reframe your relationship with the winter!

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“Reframe your relationship to winter, reframe your relationship to the days being shorter.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • How to avoid winter onset

  • What are the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder?

  • How to stay inspired during the winter

  • Why exercising makes a difference

  • The importance of meditation

  • How to be proactive during winter

“One of the best cures for any kind of feeling low, is you just got to move your but.”- Terri Cole

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“You should not have an entire season of the year where you feel crappy.” – Terri Cole


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