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Sana Powell on The Terri Cole ShowMy guest, Sana Powell, is an Indian-American licensed professional counselor based in Austin, Texas. Today we’re talking about something that I am still a student in – the intersection between social justice and mental health.

Sana earned her B.S. from the University of Michigan in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience, and her M.A. from Boston University School of Medicine in Mental Health Counseling & Behavioral Medicine.  She promotes inclusive and diverse mental health awareness in her practice.

Do you know what the Platinum Rule is? Modern times ask for modern rules, and on this show, we talk about sensitive topics around race and social justice that you should be aware of. We also discuss the meaning of intersectionality, how to approach your therapists, the importance of listening to others, how to understand your own identity, and how to increase your self-awareness.

I really enjoyed this interview. Sana has so much knowledge about how to fight for social justice and how to become an ally in this fight.


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“It’s important to see a person’s identity in the context of their life and their social environment and not in isolation.” –  Sana Powell

Show Notes:

  • What’s the intersection between social justice and mental health?
  • How to screen a therapist
  • The meaning of intersectionality
  • What love languages are
  • What it means to be an ally
  • The importance of listening to each other
  • Are you aware of your privilege?
  • How to challenge the status quo
  • The importance of increasing your level of self-awareness

“In a way, silence is violence. So to not give voice to something, you think you are being neutral, but you are actually just perpetuating the oppression.” –  Sana Powell

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  • Connect with Sana Powell:

 Twitter | Instagram | The Curly Therapist

“It’s very easy to bypass vulnerability by just staying within our comfort zone. If we only talk about things that we are comfortable with or that we feel we are experts on, you might feel good on a day to day basis, but you will never grow.” –  Sana Powell

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