I had the distinct pleasure of being a participant in the REVEAL 2011 conference yesterday in NYC. This glorious event was held at Donna Karan’s beautiful West Village hang spot, Urban Zen. Reveal is a non-profit that empowers and advances the next generation of feminine spirituality. I left impressed, empowered, and excited to be apart of any and all future events. This organization is creating a huge shift in our consciousness and I believe will have a tremendous impact on future generations of girls. Time. Is. Now.

Click here for a beautifully written reflection of our day by my new pal Allison Rapson from the Urban Zen Foundation.

I encourage you to get involved and pay attention to these young women lighting us up with there white-hot drive to empower girls and women to honor themselves BY getting fully and authentically self expressed. Whoooooo Hoooooo! Divine Divas after my own heart!

Meggan Watterson, REVEAL founder, made a special appearance on my site. Check out why you need to REVEAL your soul.

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