Psychological Spring Cleaning Time on The Terri Cole Show

Psychological Spring Cleaning Time on The Terri Cole ShowSpring has finally sprung and it is time for SPRING CLEANING!

It is a great time to start getting rid of things and decluttering your home physically, but it is also an amazing time to cleanse your MIND!

What does it mean to cleanse your mind and get rid of things that you’re holding on to psychologically?

We will talk all about and how to declutter your mind and get rid of what no longer serves you on today’s show.

Enjoy the show!

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“There is psychological crap that we collect in the same way that we collect physical crap in the world.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • How to change your thoughts
  • What takes up space in your brain
  • How to declutter your mind
  • What is selective inattention
  • How to get over it
  • What is a brain dump
  • What to cross off your list
  • The importance of meditation

“Carrying around mental baggage – this really uses a lot of energy!” – Terri Cole

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“We don’t have to have selective inattention to thoughts that are taking up space (precious real estate in our mind) that are basically bringing us down or not doing anything positive for us.” – Terri Cole

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