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Today I’m talking with a superhero for healthy living in an accessible and balanced way. Pilar Gerasimo has been the Editor in Chief of Experience Life Magazine for about 10 years, and is a pioneer of changing the content around healthy living. Her passion is helping people live happier, healthier, more sustainable lives. She also founded Revolutionary Act, a website that gives you 101 ideas to help you live a healthier life, and she wrote a manifesto called Thriving in a Mixed Up World.

Promising 6 pack abs isn’t what people need! People are whole beings – yes! They have physical bodies, but they also have emotional and spiritual parts of themselves, and the health of those parts is equally as important as physical health. Pilar really started looking at health with a holistic perspective before it was popular to do so.

If you’re interested in getting healthier than you are but you feel like you don’t have time or you can’t commit your whole life to it, I think you’re really going to be turned on by Pilar’s work, which is all about providing easy, simple, and accessible ways of getting healthy in this mixed up world.

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“To choose to be healthy in the culture we currently have requires you to be somewhat unconventional in your choices.” –  Pilar Gerasimo

Show Notes:

  • Why she rebelled against her mother
  • How she found anxiety instead of help in health and fitness magazines
  • How we’re confronted with unhealthy obstacles every day
  • How she wrote her app about a holistic healthy life
  • How media and social media are another source of brainwashing
  • Why TV has the opposite effect of what we think it’s doing

“Being healthy is a revolutionary act.” – Pilar Gerasimo


  • How media seeps into our brains
  • How mindfulness can really change your mindset
  • How her upbringing on a hippie farm affected her
  • How she transitioned to city life
  • Why she does three minutes of morning practice every morning

“I think it would be really interesting to cultivate a world where you choose to remove insults, distractions, and things that make you crazy.” – Pilar Gerasimo


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“Freedom means being able to follow my desires and instincts in the moment at any time.” – Pilar Gerasimo


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