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Today on Hello, Freedom I’m diving deep into the topic of narcissists and abusive relationships, and how anyone might find themselves trapped in this situation. It can be difficult to identify a narcissist when you are in the thick of a relationship with one, as they can be extremely charming and seductive.

On today’s episode, I am interviewing Dr. Perpetua Neo, a clinical psychologist and self-love coach who is an expert on narcissism. Perpetua and I work with very similar demographics of high functioning women on prioritizing self-care.

I find Dr. Neo’s work compelling, and her personal story fascinating as well: she was with a narcissist, and the relationship became abusive. From that experience, she brilliantly developed her own way to help women quickly identify an abusive relationship and how to get out of it, while staying safe.

As a bonus, Dr. Neo is offering a free 45 minute breakthrough session for listeners of the show – scroll down for more info and to take advantage of this generous offer!

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“Having some sense of mindfulness about the way we act, the way we do, the way we talk to ourselves is always the first step.” – Dr. Perpetua Neo

Show Notes:

  • How to love yourself into an abundant life
  • Why you have to change your self talk
  • How to set an intention of self love
  • What inspired Perpetua to work with this demographic
  • How Perpetua found herself in an abusive relationship
  • What is confirmation bias

“By the time I left I wasn’t the old me that was suicidal and confused and couldn’t talk to anybody; I was the me that was much more powerful and started to love herself a lot and who could honor herself.” – Dr. Perpetua Neo


  • How to get out of a toxic relationship
  • The signs of narcissism
  • Why safety is the most important thing
  • The difference between narcissistic tendencies and narcissistic personality disorder
  • How an abuser’s jealousy can destroy you
  • The danger of jealousy in a relationship

“We try to detox our bodies… but sometimes it’s actually our environment that needs detoxification.” – Dr. Perpetua Neo


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“I can stand in who I am and love myself for who I am and teach women to do the same as well.” – Dr. Perpetua Neo










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