The Dangers of Perennial Parenting on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

The Dangers of Perennial Parenting on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeAre you a parent? How old is your child? What is your relationship like with them? What boundaries do you set for yourself around your child and raising them? It’s important to remember that while we love our children, we do not own them. They are not there to fulfill our needs.

There is a time in life when our children are our priority. But then they grow up and our relationship with them changes. It has to – our kids can’t be dependent on us forever, and we can’t be dependent on them to be our only passion in life. There’s this interesting phenomenon happening of kids not growing up, but also of parents not wanting them to. Today I’m talking about why that trend is dangerous and what you can to help your child grow up and how you can have a healthy relationship with them.

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“You are the bow and the child is the arrow: your job is to pull that bow back and then let them go, and to be there if they need you.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • Why you have to help your child build their confidence
  • The dangers of infantilizing your child
  • Why the codependency is not good
  • The value of being empowered and independent
  • Why you can’t protect your child from disappointment
  • You have to have your own life
  • Why children need to differentiate themselves
  • How to turn your reactive advice-giving to proactive listening
  • You have to treat your children with respect
  • The importance of setting a good example
  • Why you can’t make your children financially dependent on you

“By trying to protect a child from pain, from failure, from experiences, you’re doing them a disservice.” – Terri Cole

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“If you have children, until they end of time they will have the power to thrill or devastate you.” – Terri Cole



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