Marie Forleo of B School on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

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I want to talk a little bit about my background, which you may or may not know. I had kind of a fancy career as a talent agent where I was basically negotiating contracts for supermodels. And during that time in my life I kept thinking to myself, “If I made a little more money or I became the boss in a situation, that I would be happy.”

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And eventually I was making that money and I was the boss, but wouldn’t you know I still wasn’t happy, because what I was seeking wasn’t in the experiences I was having. What I was seeking wasn’t success or acquisition, it was meaning. I wanted to add value to the lives of others. Now, I still wanted freedom, including financial freedom and the ability that would give me to travel and have experiences and do the other things I love, but in a more meaningful way.

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So I changed my life. There was a lot that influenced that change, including getting diagnosed with cancer and having some really bad experiences, but they got me to take the leap. It was time to jump. I went back to school and became a psychotherapist, and eventually grew that into the business I have now. One of the things that made a massive difference in the growth of my career was my girlfriend Marie Forleo’s B School, a business school for online entrepreneurs. I decided to do B School mostly so I could confront the overwhelming prospect of marketing myself as a therapist or an executive coach. I always thought marketing and advertising had to be gross! I thought the only way to do it was through tricking people and shadow hustle.

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Marie Forleo of B School on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

But the first thing that changed my perspective and my life was a free video that Marie had. The great thing is that once you’re in B School, you’re in it for life, and you’re surrounded by a great community of like-minded entrepreneurs, plus you’re being coached by this fantastic woman. Marie is an entrepreneur and success coach who helps people lead extraordinary lives by living in the moment. I think you’re going to love our conversation about confronting your fear and building your perfect business.


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“I’ve learned that fear is like a GPS for where my soul wants me to go: it is instructive, it is directive, it is guiding me to exactly what I need to do.” –  Marie Forleo

Show Notes:

  • What happened when she got a job at Vogue
  • How to manage your fear
  • The direction fear gives you
  • The relationship between excitement and fear
  • How to get intimate with what fear wants to teach you
  • Why her business is about making change
  • The gaps she found in the coaching marketplace
  • The change needed in the business space
  • Her commitment to empowering makers, creators, and entrepreneurs

“What I’ve found is the worst of the worst case scenarios are recoverable.” – Marie Forleo {CLICK TO TWEET}


  • What is modern marketing
  • Identifying your perfect client
  • The value of saying no
  • Why it’s important to have a community to support you
  • The work ethic and spirit of fun she got from her family
  • Why you can’t give yourself too many limits
  • How exercise can clear the stress
  • The inspiration behind creating her videos
  • The strength of the B School community

“Fear is often excitement with the brakes on.” – Marie Forleo {CLICK TO TWEET}


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“I believe in people who want to create something from nothing.” – Marie Forleo {CLICK TO TWEET}

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