How to Manage Fear of the Unknown - The Terri Cole Show

How to Manage Fear of the Unknown - The Terri Cole ShowToday, we explore the steps that you can take to manage the fear of the unknown and the fear of change. This coronavirus pandemic and the extreme circumstance that we all are facing right now keeps us all in a heightened state of fear.

We are hardwired to associate the unknown with bad things, but being able to make a distinction between when you are actually being threatened and when you are just feeling threatened is extremely important.

On this show, I talk about managing and understanding your fear, the process of changing the way we see the world, the best ways to create more internal space and the importance of mindfulness, meditation and gratitude.


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“We can’t get rid of fear because its part of being an human being.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What our role in understanding our fears is
  • Why we hardwire the unknown with bad things
  • How NOT to be bossed around by your fears
  • The importance of being vocally grateful
  • How to manage your fears

“Set your intention to not just to survive, but to learn something about yourself.” – Terri Cole

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  1. This was so helpful to me. I realized how much negative thinking has affected the last month for me. It was so helpful to know that the full range of emotions I sometimes go through in one single day, are normal. With an autoimmune disorder, I did feel guilty at frustration and anger I felt for others who didn’t appear to take this pandemic seriously. Your videos always uplift me, as well as educate. Stay safe and may each day bring you another special blessing.

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