Latham Thomas on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

How is your self care? How much do you ritualize your self care?

In this episode, I’m chatting with my friend and celebrity wellness and lifestyle maven Latham Thomas about self care and rituals. I think the topic of self care is appropriate, since we met while we were getting our nails done, and we immediately opened up to one another and became very close.

Latham is also a birth doula and has really been at the forefront of transforming how women give birth to their babies, and how we, as women, become the best version of ourselves through this mothering process. She’s the founder of, and is always curating talent and ideas, and I’m always looking to her for great products, clothes, and ideas.

Now, she’s moving into something new – turning your ordinary routines of your everyday life into something sacred. She has a majestic presence, she’s divinely guided, and she truly is as close to a goddess as you can get. My favorite thing is how she celebrates moments of magic in the mundane. I think you’re really going to enjoy our conversation.

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“When you’re really in demand, you have to be in your very best shape, spiritually fit and physically fit, to be able to meet the needs of people who need you.” –  Latham Thomas

Show Notes:

  • What is Ritualista
  • Why she plugs in around rituals
  • Why we need to adorn the queen within
  • How gathering is a primal experience
  • How we connect through food
  • How her mothering changed when she became a single mom
  • Why self care is crucial for her

“I just feel like it’s so necessary to gather and be around friends and to support each other.” – Latham Thomas


  • Why it’s necessary to have community
  • Why we tend to disconnect from our bodies when we grow up
  • Why we have to stop acting like we want to detach from our body
  • How a good relationship with your body can give you power
  • Why alone time is key
  • The balance of feeling anchored and free flowing

“I think that’s a beautiful journey for someone to take, to start to uncover and understand the intricacies of their bodies and what it is that they want.” – Latham Thomas


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“Freedom to me is a feeling of levity, and tether at the same time, feeling anchored in something, but also free flowing.” – Latham Thomas

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