Do you keep your word?

Do you say you’re going to do something and then actually do it, or do you say “yes” as a social lubricant?

Many of us are socialized to believe that saying no is rude. I can tell you from being on both ends of this behavior, agreeing to do something with no intention of keeping that commitment is actually rude and inauthentic.

In my younger life I agreed to almost everything that was asked of me. In my case I did not want to miss anything or disappoint anyone. Since this is not possible people starting seeing me as someone who did not keep their word.(um…cuz I was) Once I realized my behavior was negatively impacting my relationships, I thought before I agreed to do anything. I built the trust back in my relationships and have valued my dependability ever since.

So how good is YOUR word? Does it mean anything? Do you keep it? What would change if you did? Are you already a master word keeper?
If this tip resonates with you please drop a comment here and share your experience.

Remember sharing your experience may help another in need of your wisdom.

I hope you have an amazing week and as always take care of you.

Love Love Love

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  1. Hey Terri!

    This is such a simple point that many individuals overlook. I used to flaky with my word in younger years and realized it. I have since changed and it feels good. It took a while for me to get use to saying no honestly but I got used to it! People appreciate the honesty and would rather you say no than to back out later. I really think a person is as strong as their word and it is what defines us. Backing out on your word says something about your personality as well…and it isn’t positive!

    Thanks for sharing…going to re-tweet this!

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