Jayson Gaddis on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Jayson Gaddis on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeMy guest, Jayson Gaddis, and I kinda do the same thing, but let’s be honest… it’s awesome!

We are both interested in relationships, conflict resolution and up-leveling the relationships in your life. It is always great when we get together to chat about all of these things.

Jayson is the founder of the podcast called Smart Couple Podcast, and he is the founder of The Relationship School.

Today we talk all about conflict resolution, shame, and we have an amazing surprise for you about navigating the holidays with your family!


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“I see shame as helpful, and the reason shame is helpful is because it is feedback.” – Jayson Gaddis

Show Notes:

  • What is LUFU
  • How to have a healthy relationship
  • What is secondary gain
  • How guilt influences us
  • How shame and guilt are related
  • What choices belong to us
  • How to improve communication
  • Why communicating effectively will help your relationship
  • How to navigate the holidays emotionally

“I think underneath every man’s armor is a man who actually has a huge heart and a desire to understand and a willingness and an ability.” – Jayson Gaddis

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“These challenges come on to help me grow stronger and become a bigger and better person, and they also become apart of my purpose in life.” – Jayson Gaddis

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