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Are you aware that in your own life, you are asking people ludicrous questions? And that other people are asking these questions of you?

When I was at Good Life Project Camp, I came across this deck of cards called Ludi-Q’s, created by Jan Black. Ludi-Q’s are ludicrous questions that we’re asking ourselves or that other people are asking us. These questions come disguised as something else, something that is for our own good or for the good of someone or something that we care about. But that’s exactly what makes them confusing, frustrating, and dangerous.

These questions are so accurate and spot-on. They bring clarity quickly, bypassing our normal filters that keep us from seeing a situation clearly. And when you become what Jan calls Ludi literate, you can read what’s gotten you feeling mad, sad, bad, or had.

I can’t wait for you to listen to us talk about Ludi-Q’s, hear some of the questions, and get a little sneak peak of the work Jan and I are doing together.

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“My career has been about making it easier for people to be who they are and build what excites them.” –  Jan Black

Show Notes:

  • How Ludi-Q’s came to be
  • What is a ludicrous question?
  • How your behavior can speak for you
  • The danger of lopsided relationships
  • Why you have to examine the subtext of interactions

“Once you learn to read these questions, you start thinking in terms of Ludi-Q’s, and it becomes so much easier to spot.” – Jan Black


  • How people often know their behavior is bad
  • Why you can change patterns even if they’re lifelong
  • How turning actions into questions can clarify
  • The importance of knowing the safe way to respond

“I didn’t realize I had a choice. I never realized these questions were being asked, I’d never seen it this way, and I didn’t realize I could say no.” – Jan Black


Links Mentioned:

“The ludicrous questions we ask ourselves are among the most profound.” – Jan Black

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