How to Handle a Narcissistic Parent (and stop the insanity) on The Terri Cole Show

How to Handle a Narcissistic Parent (and stop the insanity) on The Terri Cole ShowRecently, someone wrote in and asked about how to deal with a narcissistic mother who basically took over her daughter’s wedding.

It is a tough situation, but YOU CAN deal with a narcissistic parent in a healthy way.

Today, I talk about how to spot a narcissistic parent, how to set boundaries, the Grey Rock method and so much more.

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“It is so painful to be used by a narcissistic parent.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What is a narcissist
  • Do you have a narcissistic parent?
  • How to set boundaries
  • Why boundaries are important
  • How to handle narcissistic parents
  • What is the Grey Rock method
  • How to protect yourself from your parent
  • How to give yourself permission

“What are you willing to do to protect yourself from this parent?” – Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“Now that you’re grown up, you have to decide who you’re willing to be ‘of service to’.” – Terri Cole

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    1. I’ve done everything in my life for her I even got blown up by an oven at her wedding after spending hours being abused only to be told I need people to take this on as a career. we can have family time after my wedding .this needs to be about me. I went as far as to tell her husband-to-be he should not marry her. Now they’re having serious problems. She is Sheltering him she says he needs a mother and a wife right now. And she’s going to be that for him. I’m a boundary setter. He needs to learn that. I gave him your information. And I know it was a godwink that you came into our lives. Please help us. Thank you

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