Holiday Guide- Stop Auto-Accommodating + Enjoy! - The Terri Cole Show

Holiday Guide- Stop Auto-Accommodating + Enjoy! - The Terri Cole ShowThe holidays are just around the corner. It’s time to stop auto-accommodating and start enjoying this season.

We have so much more interactions with our family of origin and our past during the holiday season, and I want to help figure out how to keep yourself from falling into a pitfall of obligation.

Today we’re talking about what you can do to take care of yourself (+ be on your own team!) over the holidays. I think you’ll find this helpful to create the holiday season that YOU’D like to have.

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“Give yourself permission to not do something that you’d done in the past.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • Why you need to prepare
  • The importance of being honest with yourself
  • What is actually required of you during this season
  • How to communicate your boundaries with other people
  • What do you do to prepare
  • How to recreate the holiday season culture you want
  • How to create a new ritual
  • The importance of being mindful
  • How your diet and lifestyle influence your mood

“We’re waking up to all the ways that we auto-accommodate other people.” – Terri Cole

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“Give yourself permission to change.” – Terri Cole

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