How to Handle the Holiday Blues on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

How to Handle the Holiday Blues on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeDo you love the holidays? Are you one of those people that puts up the Hannukah candles or Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving? Or do you kind of dread the holiday season? This episode is all about how you can handle the holiday blues. You might be surprised what I’m going to say!

There are many reasons why people get depressed this time of year: The holidays can put a microscope on problem areas in your life including strained family relationships, not having achieved certain things in your life, a lack of personal relationships, and more. It can make people feel lonely and upset. But there are ways to get around these feelings, and today I’m going to share some of those ideas with you.

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“What I hope this episode will do for you is inspire you to honor the way that you feel rather than muscling through the holidays.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What contributes to the holiday blues
  • Why unrealistic expectations are damaging
  • The struggle of the financial burdens of the holidays
  • Look for anniversaries of loss
  • Why you shouldn’t fight the feeling
  • Find a blue holiday service
  • Get support during this season
  • The difference between holiday blues and S.A.D.
  • Honor the way you feel during the holidays
  • Why you don’t have to muscle through the holidays
  • Try making a difference in someone else’s life

“There’s an expectation that if you’re not happy around the holidays, something is wrong with you.” – Terri Cole

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“If you’re genuinely sad, acceptance and surrendering to the feeling is helpful.” – Terri Cole

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