For More Success Raise Your Emotional Intelligence on The Terri Cole ShowToday we are talking all about how to raise your emotional IQ. It isn’t the same as being an empath, your emotional IQ is a skill that you can actually BUILD!

When you have a high emotional IQ (or EQ as some call it), it can help your happiness, success, and wellbeing.

On today’s show, I talk about what emotional intelligence is, the four components of emotional intelligence, and I share 11 tips for building your emotional IQ.

I think you’ll find this episode extremely helpful if you’re interested in being more in control of your emotions (which let’s be honest, most of us are).

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“When you become someone that you can trust, then the sky is the limit as to what you can create.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • Why emotional intelligence is a skill
  • Who is Daniel Goldman
  • What is emotional intelligence
  • Tips for raising your emotional IQ
    • Be Aware
    • Respond Instead of React
    • Handle Criticism Constructively
    • Be Empathetic
    • Be Generous with Praise for Others
    • Give Helpful Feedback
    • Apologize
    • Don’t Hold on to Resentment
    • Keep Your Word
    • Be Willing to Help Others Generously (Not Codependently)
    • Know How to Protect Yourself

“Can you find the potential gems of wisdom in criticism that you just want to be defensive about?” – Terri Cole

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“You know it doesn’t take anything away from you to give credit where credit is due, and it is joyful to do it.” – Terri Cole

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