We all have that part of us, that part that knows when you’re doing something that isn’t aligned or isn’t in your highest interest, knows that it’s not right. We have these unconscious fears about what will happen if we speak up and speak the truth. Today’s guest has some great ideas about how you can really dial back into your internal GPS.

How would I describe Elizabeth DiAlto? It would be like if Danielle LaPorte and Shakira had a love child with Mae West. The founder of Wild Soul Movement, Elizabeth has a very honest approach to body love and self acceptance. She’s also a speaker, writer, a coach, and she’s got a great book coming out called Untame Yourself: Reconnect to the lost art, power, and freedom of being a woman. Her mission is to get women out of their heads and into their bodies, trusting their own intuition.

I am so excited for you to hear this interview, and to hear this gal who is so passionate about teaching women to enjoy, nurture, love, and celebrate their own bodies. She reminds me to enjoy being a woman and to luxuriate in femininity, and I know she’ll do the same for you.

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“Movement is just the vehicle. My purpose with this is to get people instead of working out, to work in.” –  Elizabeth DiAlto

Show Notes:

  • How filming a workout video made her change her path
  • How she got into Reiki and energy work
  • Why we have to look inside ourselves for our power source
  • How to have a female body that is honored
  • The possibility of female beauty
  • How religion can contribute to the disempowerment of the female body
  • Why we need better role models

“Stop searching outside of yourself for your power source.” – Elizabeth DiAlto


  • Why she wants to be first and show women all of their choices
  • The importance of connecting to your body
  • Why women need to draw boundaries and stop worrying about being nice
  • How breathing can help you get into your body
  • How connecting to your body can help you make choices
  • Why you have to call your energy back to you

“Get out of your head and into your body. No one’s actually in their body to begin with, otherwise they would have a connection.” – Elizabeth DiAlto


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“I believe, since humans are highly relational, that is makes sense to use relationships as the containers to understand everything.” – Elizabeth DiAlto



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