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Do Less Live More Terri ColeAnswer honestly: Do you wear your busy-ness as a badge of honor? When people ask you how you are, do you say “busy busy busy!” Are you always filling every second of the day, whether with work or plans or even just always staring at a screen?

What is this phenomenon of being over scheduled? When did this become the norm, even celebrated, in our society? It’s time to do less and live a more vibrant, juicier, more present, more meaningful life. Let’s take some things off your to do list so you can enjoy your life! Listen in for my tips to help you move away from an overwhelmingly busy life to one of stillness and peace.

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“Are you always needing to be filling the silence?” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • Where the phenomenon of being busy came from
  • Stop the screen time
  • Create space with stillness and silence OR presence
  • Be discerning with your time
  • Learn to say no
  • Start a morning practice of stillness and silence
  • Why it might be uncomfortable to do less
  • Work hard to be here now

“Allow yourself to be and breathe, and see what comes up in your mind.” – Terri Cole

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“Every minute, every hour, every day is valuable.” – Terri Cole

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