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Dimple Mukherjee on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Today I’m talking to a special guest and we’re unpacking a subject that I find incredibly fascinating: female shame. When shame goes unchecked, how does it impact our life? What happens when you hold onto shame?

When I gave the Real Love Course last year, there was someone in that course who had a pretty amazing transformation: Dimple Mukherjee. Dimple’s story unfolded during our course and she took that story and is now helping other women in the world. So today we’re talking about her decision to talk about her story publicly on her blog, the feedback she has gotten, and why women have a tendency to really hold onto shame and how damaging the can be.

That course that Dimple took is now called the Real Love Revolution and it is starting in a month! And if you want to join our Facebook group and get all of the free stuff I’m doing right now in preparation for that course you can go here and sign up!

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“As always it’s the thing that you fear the most is the one thing that people need, the people that you’re serving.” – Dimple Mukherjee

Show Notes:

  • Why Dimple decided to write an explosive blog post
  • The pressure of an Indian background
  • How the breakdown of marriage affects children
  • Why you have to be brave and do the work
  • The epidemic of shame
  • Why you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable

“I wouldn’t have wish that [my kids] had gone through this experience, but having gone through this experience, I can see the emotional intelligence that they’re building.” – Dimple Mukherjee


  • Why Dimple hit a nerve with her blog post
  • The difference between guilt and shame
  • The isolation of shame
  • Why you have to have self compassion
  • How self love can change your life
  • Why it’s important to date yourself

“My need and my desire to serve is so much bigger than what people are going to think of me.” – Dimple Mukherjee


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“All of my decisions that were being made were dictated by shame, and that’s why I think it took me ten years.” – Dimple Mukherjee

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