Debbie Phillips on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

How is your community? Do you have the support you need? Do you have people that you feel you can talk to, that uplift you? I can’t really speak for communities of men, but I know that there’s something very specific about female communities – we act differently from men, we’re socialized differently.

Today I’m talking to my mentor and friend, founder of Women on Fire, Debbie Phillips. Debbie has always been such a supportive woman, and she was such an incredible friend for me as I began my new career. Her believing in me really made me feel like I could do it.

She has a gift to see and nurture the strengths, the gifts, the talents, and the potential of the women that she works with. She comes from a place of total abundance, which I just love. She is giving and selfless, and is such a fantastic example of a fabulous female friend. I think you’ll really enjoy our conversation about how to be a supportive friend.

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“At the end of the day, the thing that makes me so happy is when I introduce two people to each other and they become friends.” –  Debbie Phillips

Show Notes:

  • Why she started Women on Fire
  • How her mother inspired her journey
  • What is an executive coach
  • How women are designed differently
  • Why women sometimes don’t know how to support each other

“Just go be the best community member, support your sisters as well as you can, and the reward of that is enormous.” – Debbie Phillips


  • Why women need to form a community together
  • How knowing someone’s heart can lead to more transactions
  • How you can build community
  • Why you have to be the kind of friend you want to have
  • Why crises show you who your community is

“I want to make it easy for women to come together and have a really good experience.” – Debbie Phillips


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“I want to be surrounded by women who cheer on the successes of other women.” – Debbie Phillips

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