Conflict Resolution Tips + Scripts to Use Now! on The Terri Cole Show

Conflict Resolution Tips + Scripts to Use Now! on The Terri Cole ShowToday, I’m sharing my best tips for conflict resolution.  I want to empower you to be able to resolve conflict quickly and respectfully.

In these strange times where we find ourselves confined in circumstances that we generally aren’t in, conflicts can easily emerge.

Today, I teach you how to avoid passive-aggressive non-verbal ways of communication (slamming doors, extended periods of silence, etc.). We all know that those ways of dealing with conflicts don’t work, right?

So let’s understand what really works.



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“If every conversation is a debate and not a dialogue, you are going in with the wrong intention.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • What is effective communication
  • How to resolve conflict
  • Why handle one issue at a time is key
  • The importance of not blaming
  • How to be loving instead of worrying about being right
  • Why asking for time out is important when things get heated
  • How to control your anger

“Your healing and your empowerment comes from being able to say what’s on your mind.” – Terri Cole

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“Respectfully communicate feelings is your job.” – Terri Cole

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  1. Terri, This has been such an important topic for me. My husband and I have been married 20 yrs. He suffers from PTSD and a brain injury from his Military service. I have had a hard time communicating with him as he has a very bad short term memory. I have resented and become very bitter because I feel that he does care or isn’t listening and then he becomes very defensive when I bring up something we already discussed (but he doesn’t remember it, so in his mind we never talked about it). He is also emotionally closed off. I can see patterns in how we communicate because of your podcasts. Most of it is very unhealthy. But I have hope that with learning about how to communicate in a healthy way…mirroring each other. Giving full attention, no distractions when speaking, etc. We will understand each other a little better. Thank you for being open and transparent and for your desire to help so many people who are struggling.

  2. Really appreciate all the videos you do. They have allowed me to change myself into a better me. I really resonate with how you talk about Personal responsibility, always coming at something from a loving place.
    It’s hard to not blame, it’s hard to not want to be right, it’s hard to be fully engaged in Active Listening but in the few moments I’ve managed to get it all together- what a difference! Not always with the outcome as expected, but always I come away from the discussion feeling that I have really listened and understood what has been said to me.

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