So many of you who listen to my show are looking to create expansion in your life. You’re on a path of self discovery, interested in transformation and ways to become more illuminated. I am interested in shining a spotlight on the next generation of  light workers and leaders who are putting themselves out there to help people. Healers who’ve had their own dark night of the soul experience that thCassandra Bodzak on Hello Freedom with Terri Coleey use to help others make their way back to the light.

Today I’m interviewing one of those amazing women, Cassandra Bodzak, who is a meditation and wellness teacher as well as a speaker and an author. I wanted to have her on the show because I was interested in her take on meditation and how she’s bringing it to this younger generation of people. I am curious about what inspires people to get on this path early in life and how sharing their experiences helps to lessen the suffering of others.

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Tune in to hear how Cassandra came to her meditation practice, how she set boundaries, and why you shouldn’t wait for the good part of life to begin. (Hint: There is no time like the present to create the life you desire.)

Cassandra is also gifting you guys her Beginner’s Guide to Bliss, so you can scroll down and download that as well.


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“I was finding more joy in my life and allowing myself to not feel guilty about feeling joy in simple things and enjoying moments.” – Cassandra Bodzak

Show Notes:

  • How she came to her meditation practice
  • The comfort that meditation brought her
  • The effect of meditation on her reaction time
  • Why meditation makes you aware of your own power
  • Why she loves manifesting

“I got my superpowers from my meditation.” – Cassandra Bodzak {CLICK TO TWEET}


  • How she sets boundaries for herself
  • The importance of listening to your body
  • Why you should just skip to the good part of life
  • The danger of being a perfectionist
  • The value of creating a life that lights you up

“In my meditation I found that safety within myself when nothing around me was really offering me any comfort.” – Cassandra Bodzak



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“That’s really freedom, when I’m centered in exactly who I am and what I’m capable of doing.” – Cassandra Bodzak



*image courtesy of Darla دارلا Hueske

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