Candice Kumai on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

We’ve got a lot to cover today, folks. We’re talking about food, wellness, heartbreak, betrayal, and self care. That’s because I’m talking to someone you may know: Candice Kumai.

Candice is a chef, an influencer, a five-time author, a leading wellness journalist, a creative director, and a yogi. She’s on TV all the time and she works like crazy, but she still makes sure that 80% of her work is volunteering. She’s all about living clean, green, and inspiring the younger generation to take care of themselves.

What I love about Candice is that she really cares about other people being healthy. She wants you to be your best, most content, self. Listen in to hear about her self care rituals, her nonprofit work, why her community is so important to her, plus you’ll have a chance to win one of Candice’s great cookbooks!.

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“I make sure that everything I’m doing makes me feel really good at the end of the day.” –  Candice Kumai

Show Notes:

  • How her family inspired her to work hard
  • Why she decided to go to culinary school
  • Her career growth over the last ten years
  • Why she eats clean and green
  • How her upbringing affected her perspective of self care
  • The importance of nonprofit work
  • Why she tries to sleep well, drink less, and exercise

“If you’re disciplined, you’re able to control so much that can help to improve your life. It sounds like a scary word but it’s really not, it’s actually quite friendly.” – Candice Kumai


  • Candice’s definition of self care
  • How she has minimized her life
  • Why you have to check in with your feelings
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with good people
  • Her job is to share
  • Why you should lead your life with faith instead of fear
  • Enter to win a copy of her book!

“If you don’t open up to who you are inside of your heart and mind and body, you will never be able to face the truth.” – Candice Kumai


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“It’s great to be comfortable, but life was designed to be an adventure and a journey, and you really have to choose your decisions and your friends wisely.” – Candice Kumai


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