Do you ever wonder if you drink too much?Caitlin Padgett on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Are you concerned about the impact your drinking may be having on your relationships, health, career and overall potential?

There is a hot debate in the recovery world about the plausibility of controlled drinking sometimes referred to as harm reduction, as opposed to total abstinence.

As a psychotherapist I know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to an alcohol problem or any addiction issue for that matter. Today’s Hello Freedom guest, Caitlin Padgett has a new book about this very subject titled Drink Less Be More: How to have a great night and life without getting wasted. Caitlin is a coach who specifically works with women who struggle with alcohol. Caitlin’s shares her fascinating journey from party girl to respected expert. I think you’re going to enjoy hearing her story. Listen in as we talk about the connection between habits and the fear based part of the brain, moderation strategies, and more.

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“We have to go through this process of feeling and dealing.” – Caitlin Padgett

Show Notes:

  • How drinking was a part of her world
  • What happened when she couldn’t get a handle on her drinking
  • Her family’s relationship with alcohol
  • Why we need to feel and deal

“If you’re alone in this it’s really scary and it’s really easy to go back to what feels safe and comfortable.” – Caitlin Padgett


  • How the desire for change needs to overpower the fear of change
  • Three moderation strategies that can last a lifetime
  • Why you have to create boundaries
  • How to know if alcohol is a problem in your life

“While it’s great to take a break, if you’re not really looking at what’s going on underneath the surface and what the relationship is we’re so much more likely to fall exactly back or harder into the same patterns.” – Caitlin Padgett


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“How we feel in the morning and taking care of our physical and emotional and spiritual selves in the morning is going to have everything to do with how much you want to have that drink at the end of the day.” – Caitlin Padgett











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