Britt B Steele on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

I am so excited to share with you today my conversation with Britt B Steele. A close friend connected me with Britt’s work a long time ago, and we recently became friends. I also learned about her through this great piece on Carrie-Anne Moss’s website Annapurna Living.

Britt is a yoga teacher, but is also so much more. She talks a lot about living our potential, and dormant potential, and what that looks like. My favorite part is that she does the work, she lives this life that she believes in.

Britt is woman who is leading in a very quiet but profound way. I find her to be incredibly inspirational, and I think you will too.

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“So many of us have been given the misconstrued idea that we need to become something.” –  Britt B Steele

Show Notes:

  • How she got started in the world of empowerment and yoga
  • Why we set trajectories that are always in the future
  • How you can access what you want by stepping into present moment consciousness
  • Why you shouldn’t remove yourself from your day to day life
  • What is dormant potential
  • Why we should operate from a place of abundance, not void

“Fill your life with the higher things and that which doesn’t serve you falls away.” – Britt B Steele


  • How darkness is overtaken by light
  • Why some people don’t put themselves first
  • Why you have to take the opportunity to start again
  • Why she tries to recognize that there is sacredness in all things
  • The importance of gratitude

“We have the opportunity every single moment to start again.” – Britt B Steele


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“Your greatest contribution is your state of being.” – Britt B Steele

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