The New Pandemic Boundary Rules for Empaths, Codependents+ HSPs on The Terri Cole Show

The New Pandemic Boundary Rules for Empaths, Codependents+ HSPs on The Terri Cole ShowIn today┬┤s episode, I talk about how to establish a new set of rules and boundaries during this pandemic quarantine period – especially for empaths, codependents, and sensitive people. We all know that our dynamics and routines have changed, and the way we interact with our family and family has changed as well.

It can be emotionally stressful to pick up and feel other people’s feelings, and it can become very confusing when you can not distinguish your feelings from someone else’s.

So today I am going to teach you how to protect yourself, protect your energy, praise you for saying “no” to things, and much more.


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“You are not someones receptacle for their negativity, fear, and freakout.”- Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • Do you know how to protect yourself?
  • How to create a sacred space in your home in your apart
  • The best ways to address your resentment
  • How to start every morning in a fresh way
  • How can you create boundaries to protect your energy

“The cracked pot finds its way to the cracked lid.” – Terri Cole

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“If you are not protecting your bright light, people that are seeking light will find you.” – Terri Cole

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