Boundary Master or Disaster? (Take the Quiz) on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

Boundary Master or Disaster? (Take the Quiz) on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeAre you a boundary MASTER? Or DISASTER? On this week’s episode, we look at YOU and how you react when you have to say no or draw boundaries with someone.

We can’t fully understand our relationship with creating boundaries until we learn about what impacts our ability to draw boundaries.

Listen in to learn about four different types of boundaries and some of the sub-categories that draw into that. When you’re finished with this episode, make sure you take the quiz to give you an idea of what your skill set is like right now.


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“You cannot have the disease-to-please and rock-solid boundaries at the same time.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • Why are boundaries so complicated
  • How to ask for space
  • Why your happiness is your responsibility
  • How to draw emotional boundaries
  • Category one: material boundaries
  • Category two: physical boundaries
  • Category three: mental boundaries
  • Category four: emotional boundaries

“If you have solid emotionally boundaries, you know that your happiness is your responsibility.” – Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“You’re the director and the star of your own life, and if you’re not, you need to make the changes so that you can be.” – Terri Cole

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  1. Hello,

    I also can’t access the quiz from my mobile website. The answer on the comment from crystal leads to an error page.
    Where can I do the quiz?

    Thank you 🙂

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