Bored in Your Relationship? (My Top 3 Passion Producing Tips)

Bored in Your Relationship? (My Top 3 Passion Producing Tips)

To help you kick-start 2021 to be your year of epic real love, today’s show is about healthy, vibrant amazing love.

Lots of people have written in saying they are bored or unsatisfied in their relationships during the pandemic and the lockdown. Relationship problems have seemed enhanced for many people.  The first step to get out of boring and unsatisfying relationships is to get out of same old routines.

On today’s show I talk about how to find opportunities to do something different in your relationship, how to re-spark the passion between you and your loved one, and how to embrace gratitude for what already exists in your relationship.


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“Take an inventory of your daily habits and try to really dial into – what parts of the day are ones that make you bored?” –  Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • How to exchange energy when interacting with other people?
  • Why you should get out of the same old routines
  • The importance of watching erotic things together
  • How to take opportunities to do something different
  • The importance of be committed to gratitude
  • The importance of the daily gratitude

“Think of them as someone who you want them to desire you, and you want to desire them.” –  Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“The more good will that you have, the easier it is to be honest about how you fell and what you want.” –  Terri Cole

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