I’ll make this short and sweet because I know you’ve got a busy life.

Marie Forleo just opened registration to her transformational B-School program! So, if it’s the right fit for you, now is the time to go → CLICK HERE

She has laid out the entire curriculum so you can see for yourself exactly what you’ll learn, and what you won’t, in this 8 week training program. → CLICK HERE

I have seen what B-School has done for me and what it has done for others who have gone through the program. There are over 40 in depth case studies from B-Schoolers here.  It’s really inspiring. You’ll see the vast range of online businesses that have become a success through implementing the information from B-School.

I believe in the power of B-School so much that I am offering the following for FREE to anyone who signs up through my link. → CLICK HERE

Here’s what you will get:

➔  Private Facebook group (Priceless!)

➔  One- 60 minute strategy session after you finish the course ($507 value)

➔  Meditation Transformation CD – all tracks are 10 minutes or less, making it quick and easy to bring a little Zen in to your busy life (as a downloadable Mp3, $16 value)

➔ CREATE YOUR DREAM YEAR digital download

➔  30% discount on any upcoming live events (up to $197 value)

My private FaceBook group (different than Marie’s group) is an intimate place for you to connect with other B-Schoolers to exchange ideas, tips, and to support one another through the program. Plus, in the group you can post questions that you have for me, so that we have an open forum where we can connect.

Once you finish B-School, we will have a 60 minute one-on-one strategy session, which is something I rarely offer. Once you finish B-School you will be ready to show up for yourself and others in ways that perhaps you never have before. Let me support you through that process.

Meditation Transformation is designed for your busy life. Each track is uniquely inspired to support you living your best life NOW by harnessing the power of your mind to create your own transformation. Whether you are new to meditation or have a dedicated practice, these guided meditations make it easy and accessible. Listening regularly will help you create an internal zen den – the source of present moment awareness and manifesting the life of your dreams.

I am also gifting you a digital download of a super empowering event I co-hosted in December 2013, CREATE YOUR DREAM YEAR with intenSati founder Patricia Moreno. We had a rockin’ group of panelists and pals, comprised of your favorite experts like Alisa Vitti, Kate Northrup, Gabby Bernstein and Alex Jamieson, among others.

And finally you will receive a 30% off discount on any of my 2014 live events, I can’t wait to see you there!

I cannot tell you enough how amazing it feels to successfully do what you love. B-School is the blueprint to help you create the business of your dreams. At this point, B-School happens 1X per year, so if it’s the right fit for you — go for it now and sign up now → CLICK HERE

Remember one other major perk of doing this program is that once you join this exclusive group, you can participate every year, for no additional cost. This will be my 4th year doing B-School! (But I only paid once- now that is really a bang for your buck!)

If you’re not sure if B-School is worth it, you may want to check out thousands of real reviews from grads here. Or if you’re curious if B-School is right for you? This FAQ should answer your questions.

Remember you only get the bonuses if you sign up through this link –> CLICK HERE

Take the leap, it’s time you invest in you!

Love Love Love




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