In the last couple weeks I’ve received tons of emails and questions from men and women who have, or desire, careers in the healing arts. Most of you are looking to create a bigger impact, reach more people and make more money.

I decided the best way to answer your questions was to create an Ask Me Anything video.

In this video I share the two tools that have given me the confidence and exposure that lead to a Hay House Radio show, thousands of fans & list subscribers, and my very first book deal!

I’ll talk about why business can be tough for those who think their work (in whatever respect) should speak for itself. And how to bust through limiting beliefs that keep you and your business small.

Plus I’ll share how one tool helped me nearly quadruple my income! Then you’ll learn some of the most important questions you need to ask yourself, in order to bust through blocks that are holding you back from doing the same.

(** Cart closes at 3 pm March 5th)

Signing up for B-School is one of the most important actions I’ve ever taken in regards to my business success. I believe in this program and I believe in you.

That is why to anyone who signs up I am offering tons of FREE support and goodies.

Here’s what you will get:

➔  Private Facebook group (Priceless!)

Throughout your 8 week B-School experience you’ll have a space to go to for support and connection with someone who’s ‘been there, done that.’ This is my 4th time working the B-School program, I know it can be a lot of work. In this private group you’ll have the opportunity to ask me any questions, and share concerns that may come up for you, and I’ll walk you through every step of the way

You’ll also get…

➔  Meditation Transformation CD – all tracks are 10 minutes or less, making it quick and easy to bring a little Zen in to your busy life (as a downloadable Mp3, $16 value)

➔ CREATE YOUR DREAM YEAR digital download

➔  30% discount on any upcoming live events (up to $197 value)


 ➔  One- 60 minute strategy session after you finish the course ($507 value)

I rarely offer a one time private session, however for you I will. During this hour you can pick my brain about anything. Once you finish B-School you will be ready to show up for yourself and others in ways that perhaps you never have before. Let me support you through that process.

All of this support is yours when you sign up this this link → CLICK HERE


Still on the fence? If you have a question about whether B-School is right for you, ask me!

After you watch the video come on over to my FaceBook fan page today! Post a question and I’ll get back to you right away. I want to offer you support and guidance in making such an exciting decision.

The B-School cart closes tomorrow, March 5th. So let’s connect while there is still time. Meet me over on FaceBook. I can’t wait to connect with you there.

Love Love Love





*image courtesy of Ryan

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  1. I was listening to your show on hayhouse and you said if anyone would like the financial blueprint
    to request it and you would forward.

    Could you please send me the financial blueprint

  2. Hi Terri,

    Thanks for your awesome reply. You are right when you say ultimately I know what is best, because what works for one might be disastrous to another. Ralph Waldo Emerson talks about the same points in this timeless piece called Self-reliance.

    Thank you for your admonishment and keep up being the worthy vessel that you are for love and light.


  3. Hi Terri,

    Thank you for this gracious platform to ask you a question today!!!

    I have been practicing presence and spending time in thoughtless awareness. I have also been writing consciously daily for a few months with the aim of bringing presence into this world to my friends lives through my Facebook account. I have also been doing a lot of reading and re-reading and listening to hayhouse radio because I can feel that there is a book inside me that wants to come out. In a way my daily posts in Facebook have also been a sort of research, practice and feeling out how people respond to my unique voice, before I begin penning the book. I know I can start writing the book today though. I am ready to build my website myself because I have the skills to do it as well.

    My situation is that I have been jobless for months and have no funds to even go out an use a public computer. I have no funds for even the bare necessities but I have been sustained by God, who sustains us all. I know this space was created for me to build my presence power in preparation for teaching and I am trying to judiciously use the time as best as I can.

    Am I just being taught the timeless value of surrender with no money but still writing everyday and enriching the lives of others who probably think I am doing better than I really am?

    Do I just follow the flow of Life and be present and just see what happens?

    1. Baba, thank you for sharing your story and for your question. It seems as though there are two things going on here. What I am gathering from what you wrote is that you have a dream of sharing your love and understanding of the importance of presence to the masses through social media. Secondly, however you say you have no funds for the bare necessities.
      In the Ask Me Anything video I speak very highly of my friend and B-School founder Marie Forleo. One thing I love about Marie her honestly. In many of her weekly Q & A Tuesday videos Marie talks about all of the odd jobs she has taken on in past years while she built her business. These jobs were not her dream jobs, but rather a means to and end, so she could afford necessities as well as finance the building of her dream.
      I cannot tell you what to do because ultimately only you know what is right for you. What I do know is there can be momentum and confidence that is gained when we start co-creating rather than just waiting to ‘see what happens.’
      It sounds like you are on track writing every day, sharing inspiration and truth with your friends and fans on FaceBook and enriching lives daily. Ask yourself what you need in order to enrich your own life as well. Thank you so much for the question and remember to always take care of you.

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