With Spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to activate your De-Clutter Spring Clean Plan.

First, let’s establish how much stuff you have that you don’t use, don’t need, and will never wear.

Close your eyes and really think about how much stuff you have accumulated over the years. The “stuff” in your physical space doesn’t just take up room in a closet.

When your space is cluttered and chaotic, that energy impacts your mental space as well.

According to Feng Shui expert Rodiki Tchi, “clutter is low, stagnant, and confusing energy that constantly drains energy from you.”This stagnant energy also blocks the flow of your abundance. To me, clutter is a pile of unmade decisions that perpetually stay on my To Do list but never seem to get done. In the not getting done, these unmade decisions are sucking energy away from what it is that I actually desire.

If you are very orderly and never hold onto stuff that you’ll never use again, this might be your cue to go meditate. But if you think of your closet or storage space with a deep sigh, then this Tune Up Tip is for you, my friend.

I have found in my fifteen years as a therapist that cluttered external space can be a mirror of your cluttered chaotic internal mental space. In our fast-paced lives and cluttered calendars, your personal physical space is just one area that most likely needs streamlining and simplifying.

Keep in mind there is no judgment here. We all hold onto things, people, relationships, and jobs for too long sometimes for our own reasons. Many of us were taught, especially if our parents/grandparents grew up in the Depression era, that throwing away perfectly good items was wasteful and wrong. This blog is to inspire you to take an honest look and get into positive action so you can create space for what you truly want in your life.

In Psychology Today, Jim Taylor, PhD shares a comprehensive list of ways to de-clutter your life, starting with your stuff:

  • Your stuff: Go through everything and make the hard decision to throw out, sell, donate, reuse, or recycle.
  • Pop culture: Watch, play, and listen less. Don’t buy stuff you don’t need; don’t believe everything it claims to do, especially the claim that it will make you happy; don’t care too much about it.
  • Technology: Opt out of email lists you never read, delete, don’t save, don’t friend, follow, or like, unplug.
  • Time: Un-schedule, don’t over-commit, say no, slow down, take off your watch, be spontaneous.
  • Your social life: Be selective, choose quality over quantity, spend time alone.
  • Your mind: Clarify, prioritize, simplify, tune in, zone out, read, meditate.
  • Your body: Eat nutritiously and in small portions, exercise frequently, go outside, relax often, nap regularly, go to sleep early.

So let’s welcome Spring with a clean slate (and closet) and see what possibilities and sychro-tastic happenings get created in our new expansive space!

Drop a comment here and let me know your thoughts.

I hope you have an amazing week and, as always, take care of you.

Love Love Love

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  1. Really made me think. I’m an ex-teacher who lost my job last year, which wasn’t a bad thing since I was pretty burned out. I went back to school and I am moving into a new career field at 47. My new career is zen and peaceful, tidy and relaxed…my house isn’t. My home looks like my old career. I have old essays, books, papers, supplies all sitting where I left them, as if they are waiting for me to shove them in a bookbag and run out the door. No wonder I don’t feel relaxed in my home. I think clearing out all the old career clutter will help recalibrate my life. (P.S. I also started cleaning up my inbox clutter…even deleting emails is helping!).

    1. Right on Nikii!
      You are right on about chaotic energy created from chaotic space. There is a GREAT book called Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston that might really help you in your quest. Conrats on the new job sounds waaaaay better for where you are on your evolutionary path. Keep up the good work! <3

  2. This was great! Thanks – yes, my closet may be halfway to hoarders…but I did start my morning by getting rid of 2 purses. Obviously, I have to dive deeper in but thanks for the insight about clutter being “low, stagnant & confusing energy”! That isn’t who I want to be!

  3. I have started to de-clutter my house. It was so bad I didn’t
    invite friends(even some relatives) over. It is not
    an easy task but the rewards have been great. It is so
    true that when you clear out the space you make room for
    something better. It is still a work in progress- didn’t clutter overnite
    won’t be de-cluttered overnite 🙂 but because I have become more mindful
    of things over the past year(in part from reading your blogs) I’ve noticed
    small changes outside the home

  4. Nothing more liberating than doing a major clean/purge of one’s space. It’s like breathing all over again- it also, interestingly, creates a sense of calm. Good posting.

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