How is your relationship with your money?

Do feel overwhelmed or frustrated when you think about retirement accounts, college funds or investments?

So much of how we relate to money has to do with our family of origin, how we were raised, and the beliefs of the culture we grew up in. For example, having parents with a bias against people with money can cause you to subconsciously be afraid of earning big. Not to mention the fact that historically, finances in family structures were handled by the men.

Times are changing.

As more women rise to power earning positions, they are responsible for their own money, and often, the money of their families. However, since this level of equality is relatively new, it comes with psychological issues and unconscious ideas about money that need to be revealed and understood before true financial freedom can be achieved.

I used to hide my head in the sand when it came to my finances. I was always very ambitious and a good earner so I just assumed that I would always have enough money. My goal was not necessarily to amass a fortune (although I wasn’t opposed 😉 ) I was more interested in being free to have adventures and experiences, which does not necessarily equate to being a great financial planner. I wasn’t thinking about the freedom that saving then would create in my life down the line. In the past decade I have uncovered my limiting money story or as I like to call it, my downloaded financial blueprint with help from some of my brilliant female finance experts like, Barbara Stanny, Kate Northrup, and most recently, Amanda Steinberg,

When it comes to YOU and your MONEY Knowledge is Power #TakeControl (click to tweet)

Steinberg is a thought-leader on the topic of women and money, working to advance woAmanda Steingber on Hello Freedom with Terri Colemen’s financial confidence and wealth. She’s an engineer by training, a sales woman by profession and a serial optimist at heart. Today on the show I’m interviewing Amanda, the founder and CEO of Daily Worth, which serves millions of women monthly via its daily newsletters and Website focused on money and career advice. It’s no surprise that Daily Worth is the leading digital financial media company for women. Amanda and her team team have created a unique user experience custom designed specifically for women, regardless of depth of financial knowledge. Steinberg also has a new platform called WorthFM, a digital money management and investment platform, also primarily serving women. As we earn more, we need to learn more. Amanda is changing how women think about and manage their personal investments.

If thinking about your finances makes you want to do a shot of tequila because you don’t even know where to start, fear not. Take Amanda’s Money Type quiz here. It’s a perfect place to begin to gain insight into how you relate to your finances. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts so drop a comment here and let me know your Money Type!


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“We’ve got to rewrite that whole narrative because I don’t like that cognitive dissonance and I especially don’t like women not being able to secure their own futures.” –  Amanda Steinberg

Show Notes:

  • Why women need clarity around money
  • What challenges women have with money
  • The cognitive dissonance we have between femininity and financial knowledge
  • The importance of knowing your money type and patterns
  • How she changed her money story and started Daily Worth
  • How to start thinking differently about your money

“It’s important to zero in on what is truly important to you and cut the rest, because you’re going to have so much more financial freedom as a result.” – Amanda Steinberg


  • The clarity you can gain by focusing on what matters to you
  • Why budgeting doesn’t have to mean deprivation
  • What her new company WorthFM does
  • The importance of knowing what your priorities and boundaries are
  • How she gets freedom from self expression

“If it doesn’t matter to you, don’t be spending money on it just because you care what other people think.” – Amanda Steinberg


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“I would guess 80% of people don’t have a basic grasp of personal finance.” – Amanda Steinberg




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