As we are wrapping up our summer vacations and getting back into our regular schedules, some of that easy breezy summer flow might start to transform into overly scheduled stress.

Today, in the spirit of keeping that relaxed, easy flow part of you alive, I want you to think about how generous you are in your daily life. And I’m not referring to donating money or volunteering—although those are wonderful to do. I am talking more about being generous with your attention and allowing good energy to flow from your heart to others.

For example, when grocery shopping, do you look the cashier in the eye and say thank you? Or hold the elevator for someone coming into the office building? Or verbalize the compliment that you might normally just think?

It’s about being generous and kind when it is not required. When you have nothing to gain other than the energetic heart connection to another in our human family.

There are so many simple ways to be more generous in our daily interactions. This increased mindfulness of others does not take any additional time; it simply requires more of your attention and a willingness to Be Here Now. Not in your head, not in the future, not on your phone, but actually present in the only real life, happening here and now interaction in which you are engaged.

Being kind and generous regularly is a lifestyle choice and requires the same conscious intention as any other.

I would love to hear how you increase your generosity toward others or how kindness from a stranger has impacted your life.

I hope you have an amazing week and, as always, take care of you.

Love Love Love


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  1. What a great topic!
    Generosity resides in a heart that values people and there are many ways to show generosity without spending money.
    • Smile when you see someone – even if you do not know them.
    • When you are driving on a road, wave to someone to say “thank-you” when they allow you to move in front of them.
    • Tell someone why you like what they are wearing.
    • If you are in a line-up at a store and someone only has a few things behind you, invite them to move in front of you.
    • After someone helps you in the office, explain why you appreciated their help and what a difference they made.
    • When someone is talking about something that is upsetting them, put your hand on them when you respond, showing you really care so they feel it.

    It has been said that generous people are happier, healthier and lead more satisfied lives than those who don’t give.
    Think of a way to be generous today. It will make you happy!

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