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“I was over-giving, highly codependent, and over-functioning my ass off. Achievement and success were the things that made me feel like I was worthy. I was as worthy as my last big deal. Through therapy, I realized that I was blaming others for my lack of boundaries. I was blaming others because I wouldn’t set limits.” – Terri Cole


I’m sharing another interview this week where I’m on the other side of the microphone– This time, with host of Passion Struck, John Miles. We chat about the journey of self-discovery that led me to leave my job, pursue grad school, and start a new career in the mental health field. Plus, how I learned how to prioritize my own needs and desires and set healthy boundaries as I did it!


  • 7:55 How Terri found herself leaving a lucrative job in entertainment to pursue her career in psychotherapy
  • 12:25 How over-giving led Terri to resent others
  • 16:40 Why we often miss “falling tides” or transition points in life 
  • 26:30 Learning to identify and handle emotions in a healthier way
  • 32:40 Recognizing and managing emotional triggers
  • 37:50 What does it mean to be a boundary disaster?
  • 48:00 Watch out for boundary destroyers!
  • 52:30 Valuing moral beauty in others
  • 56:10 What it means to live a good life and how technology might be making it more difficult

Connect with John Miles:

John R. Miles is the dynamic force behind Passion Struck®, captivating millions with his globally-renowned podcast and national radio show, making a significant impact as a thought leader in the fields of behavior change, health and wellness, the science of personal mastery, and self-leadership. His journey, from the U.S. Navy to senior executive roles in the Fortune 50, grounds his insights in real-world experience. He’s not just a voice on leadership and personal growth; he’s lived it, making his guidance and storytelling resonate authentically with his audience.

As an author, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur, John blends practical wisdom with relatable anecdotes, making complex ideas about health, wellness, and personal mastery both accessible and inspiring. His Podcast, Passion Struck, is one of the world’s leading shows and the #1 alternative health podcast, featuring engaging conversations with notable figures like Angela Duckworth, Seth Godin, Susan Cain, Robin Sharma, and Dr. Mark Hyman.

His latest work, “Passion Struck: Twelve Powerful Principles to Unlock Your Purpose and Ignite Your Most Intentional Life,” delves into the heart of what it means to live a life fueled by passion and purpose. Drawing on insights from luminaries such as Oprah Winfrey and Astronaut Chris Cassidy, the book offers twelve science-based principles designed to awaken the dormant potential within us all. It’s a journey through overcoming self-doubt, catalyzing personal growth, and embracing a life lived with unwavering intention. It’s been honored as a 2024 must-read by the Next Big Idea Club and The Best Business Minds Book Awards for 2024.

For more insights into John’s transformative approach to intentional living, visit or follow him on social media @john_R_Miles.

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