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“Most women are raised and praised for being self-abandoning codependents. Why should we give anybody the shirt off our own backs, and why should that be celebrated? Part of learning about boundaries and being more authentic is understanding what your own preferences, limits, desires, and dealbreakers are– And having the ability to communicate them.” – Terri Cole


Are you tired of constantly putting others’ needs before your own?

Do you feel like you get taken for granted in your relationships?

I am so excited to share this interview I did on Danny Morel’s show, The Higher Self. Danny asked such amazing questions and we had a candid conversation about boundaries: the good, the bad, what people get wrong, how you can improve at setting boundaries, and so much more. I also share boundary scripts you can use.

Very thankful to Danny and his team for allowing us to share this with all of you. Make sure to check Danny’s show out here:


  • 2:50 Why Terri became a psychotherapist
  • 5:25 Getting into therapy
  • 7:30 Creating stillness & finding fulfillment
  • 12:20 Energy of martyrdom
  • 13:35 Setting healthy boundaries
  • 15:50 Cultural differences
  • 17:45 Where to start with boundaries
  • 22:10 Boundary myth
  • 23:25 Self-abandonment
  • 25:15 Boundaries in relationships
  • 28:20 Common difficulties with boundaries
  • 30:50 Being authentic & creating safety
  • 35:40 Setting boundaries with family
  • 38:45 Get empowered

Connect with Danny Morel:

Danny’s mission is simple: to impact 3.5 billion human beings by leading them on the healing journey of true self-discovery. The journey of finding personal love and happiness through deep, healing work and spiritual awakening. When a human being does this work, their body heals, their finances increase with less work, and they draw into their lives the loving relationship they’ve been searching for. Once people experience this, they will want to help others do the same. Let’s create personal abundance, happiness, and peace for all: heaven on earth.



Here are some ways we can connect and grow together:

I WROTE A BOOK ABOUT BOUNDARIES! Boundary Boss is THE essential guidebook for authentically expressing your desires, setting healthy limits, and bringing more satisfaction, joy, and peace into all of your personal and professional relationships. There are super JUICY bonuses when you pre-order, so what are you waiting for?

TAKE THE BOUNDARY STYLE QUIZ I always say, ya can’t change anything until you become aware of it, so take the quiz and discover your unique boundary style!

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