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“I always struggled with this idea that some people are driven and some people aren’t. We’ve all got drive: It may be dormant, and we’re looking for that thing to help trigger it, but when it happens, we can go from zero to hero in a moment.” –Kevin Miller


Our guest today excels in so many fields: He’s a former pro athlete, podcast host, published author, and father of nine kids. He’s also a respected personal development guide who helps people elevate their experiences and improve the ways that they show up for others.
Today, we’re taking a deep dive into motivation– Both healthy and unhealthy. Kevin shares lessons from his own life, past and present, and we also touch on being mindfully driven rather than recklessly impulsive.


  • 2:50 Kevin’s interest in “drive”
  • 5:45 Why did Kevin start a podcast?
  • 8:30 What drives people? 
  • 15:35 Experience of writing the book
  • 17:10 The mindset behind getting things done
  • 21:05 Getting in touch with your values
  • 25:45 Pausing and mindful drive
  • 34:45 What Kevin is lit up by
  • 36:35 Kevin’s biggest boundary struggle

Connect with Kevin Miller:

Kevin is a former pro athlete, respected personal development guide, top-ranking podcast host, published author, and father of nine who has devoted himself to helping people elevate their personal experience and improve the way they show up for others.

Kevin hosts the Self-Helpful podcast (Glassbox Network), which has over 60 million downloads and is routinely visited by today’s most influential changemakers.

Kevin lives at 9,200’ up in a national forest in a house he built out of straw (literally) which serves as a home base for his family of nine kids. Along with parenting, podcasting, and writing, Kevin is often out on the Rocky Mountain trails, riding and running and competing at the elite level in his age group.


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