Toxic Experience or Relationship

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“This is your one and only life. You deserve to feel liberated, to live out loud, to live fully. When you’re in relationships where you feel compelled to walk on eggshells, whether it’s because of experiences with past partners or your current partner, you are not living the life that you’re meant to live.” – Terri Cole



Do you feel like you are walking on eggshells in your relationship?

Do you worry that anything you say (or don’t say) might set your partner off?

Do you work overtime to avoid doing or saying anything that will upset them but still somehow fail? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, today’s episode is for you. I’m unpacking the signs and symptoms of walking on eggshells, describing what that phrase looks and feels like IRL, and giving you ideas of what you can do to break this exhausting cycle.


  • 02:30 What it means to be walking on eggshells
  • 07:10 Signs and symptoms you can use to recognize when you’re walking on eggshells
  • 10:50 What creates the desire to walk on eggshells
  • 14:50 How to set boundaries and start conversations to feel more relaxed in your relationship

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  1. Thank you for this podcast. I have been married for 30 years. For about 20 years my husband and I shared an open line of communication – taking responsibility for our actions and focusing on the real issues. We were dedicated to the truth. We've been through my 2 breast cancers and he was incredibly supportive. No sooner did I recover and he was diagnosed with COPD – about 2015. Due to his limiting illness, and aging, he's become angry and depressed – especially in the winters. He has yelled at me a few times in public. He has been passive- aggressive and defensive. He never apologizes but does try to correct his behavior the next day. It doesn't last. I'm not afraid of him. I'm frustrated that we can no longer communicate without conflict. He was my dream partner. We tried therapy a few years back and that went completely sideways. Our therapist fired us because we had to cancel 2 appts. due to my husband's COPD flare-ups. I reported the therapist and she had to go for counselling. We live in a remote community so our therapy options are very limited. I was in deep grief over loss of intimacy and relationship until a light bulb went off last year. I can't afford to leave my home or marriage – our property value is nil as we live in a landslide zone (we've had 3). I found a way to navigate this marriage situation by focusing on creating a life of joy and creativity for myself. It's not ideal but I am learning to truly value myself while loving in a bad scenario. I've made a new friend who shares an interest in photography and I've taken up painting and long walks. I'm seeking inspirational material and meditating. I've learned to not lead with my chin. It's a sad marriage but I'm always looking forward with gratitude and for those silver linings.

    1. Diane, I am witnessing you with compassion and sending so much strength your way as you navigate this difficult situation with grace. ❤️ Thank you for being here and sharing this with us.

      Since you mentioned therapy options, I highly recommend using BetterHelp to find a therapist online. They have couples therapy as well as individual therapy. As a team, we have fully vetted BetterHelp’s resources. If you choose to sign up for BetterHelp’s service, I receive a commission on the referral, but please know that I only recommend services that I know & trust. You can click here for more information: ❤️

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