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“It’s not about the grieving person reassuring you that they’re okay. It’s about you adding value to their life and being there for them.” – Terri Cole



Grief comes in many shapes and sizes, but one thing usually holds true across the board- we can feel very conflicted about how to respond to curious (even if they’re well-meaning) people.  

Have you ever found yourself on the receiving end of personal questions you don’t want to answer? 

How did your father die?

Why did you get divorced?

What happened with your job?

If you’ve ever grieved the loss of something or someone and felt like people were asking for information you didn’t want to give, but were unsure how to respond, I get it. 

In this week’s episode, you’ll learn how to establish appropriate boundaries when dealing with any kind of loss, how to inform people how to treat you, and how to treat others in life’s most difficult moments.


  • 02:50 Grief comes in all shapes and sizes, not just from the death of a human
  • 04:33 Grief helps us embrace what is great about the present moment
  • 04:47 But we can’t stay in grief forever
  • 07:10 Prioritizing other people leads to struggles with grief boundaries
  • 09:02 What to say and what not to say to a grieving person
  • 13:39 Strategies for flipping the script when someone asks you an unwelcome question
  • 17:47 Understanding your downloaded grief blueprint

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