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“You can break the cycle of abuse. Just because you grew up with this doesn’t mean that you need to repeat it.” – Tana Amen


Today I’m interviewing New York Times bestselling author, health and fitness expert, and former neurosurgical ICU trauma nurse, Tana Amen. If the name seems familiar, it’s because she’s married to a recent guest and friend of mine Dr. Daniel Amen. We talk about her recent memoir The Relentless Courage of a Scared Child, she shares how she broke the cycle of abuse and poverty she was born into, and we dive deep into the ways that we can heal ourselves.


  • 03:02 Why is now the right time for Tana to share the experiences of her life
  • 07:08 How guilt in moderation can be a powerful tool in our lives
  • 08:14 Taking responsibility doesn’t mean taking blame
  • 11:54 Tana’s experience with thyroid cancer and the importance of finding a doctor who is your partner, not your boss
  • 14:45 The omni-diet that Tana developed to improve her own health
  • 17:15 How Tana decided that her history didn’t have to be her destiny and the signs of resilience
  • 21:30 Tana’s most challenging boundary struggle with family and how she overcame it
  • 24:34 Tana and Daniel’s love story and how she learned to trust despite her trauma
  • 28:19 How you can connect with Tana

Connect with Tana Amen:

Tana Amen, RN is a New York Times bestselling author, health and fitness expert, Vice-President of Amen Clinics—the world’s leader in brain health, mentor, motivational speaker, and former neurosurgical ICU trauma nurse. By providing science-based guidance along with her authentic, no-holds-barred approach, Tana has won the hearts of millions with her simple, yet effective, strategies to help people win the fight for a strong mind, body, and spirit. Her latest book, The Relentless Courage of a Scared Child: How Persistence, Grit, and Faith Created a Reluctant Healer, provides great inspiration and encouragement to others who have suffered through trauma. Tana holds a second-degree black belt in Kenpo Karate and a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do. Above all else, Tana treasures her marriage to Dr. Daniel Amen, their children, grandchildren, and the meaningful time they spend together.

You can join Tana for the launch of her new site at and connect with her on Instagram.

Here are some ways we can connect and grow together:

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