The Top 3 Lies Keeping You Single on Hello Freedom with Terri Cole

The Top 3 Lies Keeping You Single on Hello Freedom with Terri ColeHave you ever found yourself saying, “I’ll date when (fill in the blank)?” When you lose those last ten pounds? When you’re finished with school? Or maybe you tell yourself it’s too late for you to find love?

This episode is about those lies you keep telling yourself that are keeping you single, or keeping you from finding your soulmate. There are three specifically that I hear all the time in my practice, and I can’t believe that people believe them! I want to help you get past those lies to keep your heart open so you can find love in your life.

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“Think about the things you can do to reframe the black and white thinking you have going on in your mind.” – Terri Cole

Show Notes:

  • Why it’s never too late for you
  • What is secondary gain
  • All the good ones are not gone!
  • Why you only need one person
  • Stop saying “I’ll date when…”

“If you tell yourself all the good ones are taken you don’t have to put yourself out there.” – Terri Cole

Links Mentioned:

“What is your emotional secondary gain? What do you get to avoid, not feel, and not experience by believing this lie?” – Terri Cole

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